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Event Vending & Wholesaling



   We are a licensed vendor with Narcotics Anonymous World Service Inc. Which allows us to produce and sell merchandise with the trade marked  name and logo. If your committee wants we will sell at your convention, speaker jam, camp-out or any other celebration of recovery please contact us at 518-542-3069. Our availability depending on variable like event size and limitations of sales and travel time from our base operations at  troy NY 12180. Your committee will need to sign and return a copy of our proposal to us. You can download a pdf copy of our  contract here.

   As you can tell from our site we stock with full selection of clothing, jewelry, accessories and gifts items for all. We have enough merchandise to fill as much space as you can provide us. Depending on the needs of your committee we can supply clothing and  jewelry or just clothing or just jewelry items along with gift items. Our clothing is designed and printed in-house. We carry hand crafted jewelry created by Alex Z and quality manufactured jewelry by friends of ours. Most of are gift items and accessories such as book bag, key tag, lapel pins, clock and great cards are created by us in-house.

-  We do sell our merchandise at a wholesale price to committees for fundraising.
  -  We do make a majority of our merchandise
  -  We are a Licensed NA Vendor
  -  We do follow the traditions of NA in all our business affairs
  -  We do donate 25% off are sales profit to the event we are attending.

  -  We DO NOT do events were we can only set up Sunday morning .


   We are set-up to sell a majority of are merchandise to wholesaler representatives, NA sub-committees and recovery stores. Our whole-sale pricing is roughly half that of are on-line retail price. We do require one initial phone conversation with any wholesale customer to get to know who and what we are dealing with and what your needs are.  Please feel free to contact us for price list and more detail.



109 2nd Ave
Troy NY 12180

Phone: (518) 542-3069

Email: support@nawears.com