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   NAWEARS is owned and operated by me, Alex Zdonick "Alex Z" I run this whole operation with the support & input of my friends and family. Yes, I am single-handedly responsible for the design, production, sale & shipping of everything here, so if I need to correct something, please cut me some slack. My clean date is January 25, 1991. I have been licensed NA vendor since 2007. I have been an artist for most of my life. I graduated PRATT Art Institute in 1999 and have been a professional self-employed artist/designer. My goal and passion is to create unique gifts for recovering people and their family. To avoid sounding egomaniacal, I will use the word we instead of I.


   We have invested in the equipment and inventory to create 95% of our merchandise in-house. This fact has set us apart from our competition, which usually outsources everything. It's allowed us to cut out the intermediaries, pass the savings onto you, and has allowed us to create custom items proficiently. It also allows us to create unique items that we could not get made anywhere else, at least not for an affordable price. In-house production has also freed us from some of the worries of the modern supply chain. We keep enough inventory in stock to ship most orders out within 24-48 hours.

   For some of our householdDTG "direct to garment" and AOP "all over print" items, we have partnered with companies that produce quality merchandise on demand for us and ship it directly to you. These fantastic items only exist once you press the button. 


Our passion is art and recovery. We desire to see recovering people around the world wearing our design. It makes us smile whenever someone uses one of our products.


 Thank you for your interest & God Bless

Alex Z





   We are a licensed NA Vendor.  We pay the NAWSO annually to use things like the NA Symbol and service symbol. When we vend at an event, we donate 15-25% of the profits to that event. We randomly and anonymously donate to NA service bodies to give thanks for our online sales, which are covered by the money we pay the world service office every year for our vendors' licenses.



 We have taken some steps to conserve resources, reduce consumption and reduce environmental pollutants. Below is a list of some of the measures we have taken.


  1. Instead of building or renting a massive office/workshop, we make use of the large basement area of our house i
  2. We reduce consumption by fixing equipment instead of replacing it and filling landfills.
  3. We use Eco-friendly, bio-degradable chemicals.
  4. We make sure not so Eco-friendly chemicals like plastisol inks never make it into the environment.
  5. All packages and packing materials are reused and recycled. We reuse cardboard boxes to ship decals. Bubble wrap and packaging material are reused to ship mugs.
  6. Faulty items are donated to auctions, new-comer, used for rags, or worn by me. We try not to throw anything away.


Please refer to our Returns & Refund page.



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We only gather contact info from those that subscribe to are mailing list or have made a purchase from us. We do not and will not EVER allow you private info to be accessed or sold to any third party. ANONYMITY

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