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NA-ART - Canvas NA HUGS In GREEN and Gold - nawears

NA-ART - Canvas NA HUGS In GREEN and Gold

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NA HUGS In GREEN and Gold - Acrylic On Canvas Painting

This is an original hand painted piece of art work. Perfect for almost any room in your house. It is a one of a kind piece of art. The simple coloring is just cool. The measurements are 18" x 24" As you can see in the picture the base color art are black and Gold.I have created painting this size and quality that have sold for $3-4 hundred dollars at NA Vendor especially when put up for auction.

DETAILS: 18" x 24" - Green, Gold Black - Acrylic One Canvas - roughly 8lb With Packing Included

SHIPPING: 8lb. Due to packing The shipping on this item will be between $44-$66 Therefor we have adjusted the acting price so assist with that cost.

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